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Your donations to Women's Hope Medical Clinic will help support multiple services for expectant fathers on both the medical and spiritual side. We want to encourage and empower the men who visit our center to make life-affirming decisions. Since 2014, we’ve had nearly 100 men complete our Five Star Father program to earn a FREE crib for their new addition!

This June, will you join us in recognizing fatherhood with a $5 donation? Will you give Five for Fathers?

As a thank you, we’ll send your father, husband or the important man in your life an email letting him know the gift you’ve given. If you’d like to double that donation to $10, we’ll send him a card in the mail. For those that would like to give more, any donation over $50 means your recipient will receive a handwritten note of thanks from our director, Daria Monroe.

Once you reach our giving portal, choose Father's Day as the purpose and include the name and email or physical address of your recipient.  

To learn more about our Five Star Father program and how you can get involved:  

Additional Resources: Father Plays Key Role in Pregnancy Decisions