Have you been sexually active and missed your period?  If so, you could be pregnant, but how do you know for sure?

First, let’s discuss what “missed your period” means.  

Step 1: Figure out the first day of your last period.  

Step 2: Count how many days from then until now.

Step 3: If you’ve passed 28 days with no bleeding, then take a pregnancy test. By taking a pregnancy test, you can confirm if you are pregnant or not. If you test prior to a missed period, you could have inaccurate results.

There are a few types of pregnancy tests: home pregnancy tests, blood tests, and medical-grade urine tests. Regardless of the type of pregnancy test, they all work by checking (urine or blood) for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is a hormone produced only during pregnancy. At-home pregnancy tests may be a convenient option for you because they are available in most pharmacies and grocery stores. Blood tests can be conducted at a doctor’s office. Here at Women’s Hope Medical Clinic, we offer medical-grade urine tests to confirm if you are pregnant. Our tests are confidential and free – no insurance required. Call or text us at (334) 319-8297 to schedule your pregnancy test today!