Short answer: As soon as possible.  Even after an at-home positive pregnancy test, it is important to make an appointment with a doctor to confirm the viability of your pregnancy and to begin seeking regular prenatal care. That first prenatal appointment is vital to your health and the health of the baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic: 

Your health care provider might ask about:

  • Your menstrual cycle, gynecological history and any past pregnancies
  • Your personal and family medical history
  • Exposure to potentially toxic substances
  • Medication use, including prescription and over-the-counter medications or supplements
  • Your lifestyle, including your use of tobacco, alcohol and caffeine
  • Travel to areas where malaria, tuberculosis, the Zika virus or other infectious diseases are common

Don’t forget to share information about sensitive issues as well – such as domestic abuse, abortion or past drug use. This will help your health care provider take the best care of you — and your baby.

Consider Women’s Hope as your first stop.  After confirming your pregnancy with a medical-grade urine test at Women’s Hope Medical Clinic, we can offer you a free and confidential ultrasound at the discretion of our nurses. Our services are not only restricted to pregnancy tests and ultrasounds – we also provide free prenatal care for up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, as well as resources to educate moms on prenatal and postnatal care through our Earn While You Learn program (EWYL). EWYL is an exceptional opportunity to learn about everything surrounding your pregnancy while earning Caring Cash that can be used in our Baby Boutique. Items available in our boutique include diapers, wipes, clothes, car seats, and so much more! Moms and fathers are encouraged to enroll in the EWYL program during their first trimester and can utilize its benefits up to 15 months postnatal.