People “love” being in love.  Relationships are fun and exciting.  But, not all relationships are good.  Sometimes, what starts off as a dream come true gradually turns into a nightmare.

Here are 10 questions that can help people evaluate their relationships:

  1. Can you be honest about how you feel?
  2. Can you be honest with your family about your relationship?
  3. Does your partner try to isolate you from friends and family?
  4. Is your partner excessively jealous?
  5. Does your partner have an explosive temper?
  6. Does your partner put down your friends and family?
  7. Does your partner blame you when it’s not your fault?
  8. Does your partner always tell you what to do and try to make decisions for you?
  9. Are you pressured into sexual activity?
  10. Are you afraid of your partner?

How you answer these questions matter.  If you need help getting out of a bad relationship, visit